“To do what nobody else will do;
A way that nobody else can do;
That is to be a nurse.”

The string of words does justify that how among the greatest workforce in the field of healthcare services comes as one of the noblest professions-being a nurse. That’s because, when you save a life you are called a hero, but saving a hundred lives, you’re a nurse. Nurses, as a part of the health care team, have been in demand in several healthcare settings such as hospitals, diagnostic centers, and clinics. Specializations for nurses have also been developed to enhance their knowledge in specific fields of practice.

As one of the comprehensive nursing schools, JDJSNS(Janaki Devi Junior & Senior Nursing School) is dedicated to chase the excellence in education, evidence-based health care delivery, research, and the advancement of community health. The school admits candidates through Central Counseling conducted by Govt. of Odisha on the basis of merit according to the mark secured in 10+2 Examination providing A.N.M and G.N.M courses. With renowned faculty, progressed clinical experiences, and a tradition of innovative leadership, Janaki Devi Junior & Senior Nursing School is reliably positioned as a standout amongst other nursing programs in its region.

Our vision is to build up the pioneers in nursing and healthcare whose actions, revelations and articulations strengthen and approach the health of people and networks worldwide. Through inventive utilizing of innovation and comprehensive brilliance, JDJSNS strives for excellence in education, research, and clinical care, and each mission is vital for our general achievement. Diversity and inclusiveness, independent inquiry, and collegiality form the fabric of everyday life for faculty and students.

Our delegacy is to develop nurse leaders who are engaged to produce, investigate, and apply nursing learning for developing human services situations. Our faculty regards each student as a unique individual with special talents, needs, and objectives, and we endeavour to provide an environment that helps students understand their maximum capacity.

Our Core Values:
To conduct oneself ethically, legally and professionally, Caring, collaboration, integrity and trustworthy, to function the highest level of performance.

—-Because to be a nurse, you may not be an angel, but you are the next best thing of course!